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Discipleship Training School

¿What is the DTS?

The Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a school that is designed to seek and know God. We encourage students to cultivate intimate friendship with the Lord, to develop Christian character, and to know God's purpose in your life. The emphasis of the DTS is to seek God, know him more, and listen to his voice. It is an intimate journey where you can discover the nature and character of God and learn to follow his ways.


THE SCHOOL CONSISTS OF TWO PHASES: I. Teaching and Ministry Phase (Knowing God):

This phase lasts 12 weeks where you will receive teachings, discipleship, workshops and seminars. In this time you will be able to lay a solid foundation to develop your Christian character. You will have the opportunity to participate in small groups and you will have a mentor, who will help you process the teachings, pray and be ministered to. This phase is internal and there is a team of YWAM leaders who will be serving during school to facilitate your communion with the Lord. In this phase, the preparation for the missionary trip also takes place and work teams are formed with a strong sense of unity and companionship.


II. Missionary Practice Phase (Make it Known):

The 8-week hands-on phase is the time where you apply what you learned in class and have many opportunities to share the gospel of Jesus with people in places you probably never have been. 8 weeks of national or international missionary trip, going to the place that God is pointing out and providing for you. Personal testimony, teamwork and friendship are very important values ​​to develop at this stage. Your team leaders will do everything in their power to assist you in your activities and ministry.


You will experience 5 months where you will be challenged and trained to reach your maximum potential in terms of your gifts, call and ministry.

Estudiantes universitarios

By acquiring the tools that DTS offers you, you will develop an intimate relationship with God that will provide discipleship and accompaniment that will facilitate listening to his voice to reach your call.

Lecciones de la Biblia

One of the goals of the DTS is to be able to make God known in the different areas of society.

Carrying a message of love and hope through artistic expressions, sports, mercy, etc.

Explorar las calles



-Have completed 18 years of age.

- Complete the admission forms and the letter of recommendation from your pastor or leader.

- Health insurance or medical coverage.


The DTS is registered with the Faculty of Christian Ministries at the University of the Nations (UofN). Our schools are registered with code DSP 211/212.


* EDE is a requirement for other University courses.

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