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As a ministry of restoration, we believe that the healing process in a person's life takes place in an integral way and we also see that God in his Word calls us not only to fulfill the call of the Great Commission, but also to watch over and be the guardian of our brothers. Hence the desire and the need to begin to develop this Ministry of Member Care of the Missionary (CIM).

Once a year we offer a COURSE with a duration of one month to prepare, train and train the missionaries towards their shipment to the field. As well as equip and empower those who are already inserted in the culture of the place where they are working to have more effective and solidified lives and ministries.


This course aims to:


  • Give participants a broad notion that it becomes the Comprehensive Missionary Care and stimulate their hearts to practice it.

  • Share the heart of God in relation to this theme so important to do missions in the manner of God.

  • Deliver practical tools of what to do with the CIM, being able to adapt to the reality of each base, agency or mission field.

  • Generate preventive actions regarding the missionary life cycle.

  • To contribute so that both the one sent and the missionary are effective in fulfilling their task.


Some topics we see in this course are:


  • Overview of the CIM or Biblical Base of the CiM or Pastoral Qualities.

  • 7 areas of the CIM or 7 structures that define and compose the integral care that each worker needs

  • Management of stress and crisis o Given the rising tide of difficult situations, it is essential to manage stress and crisis in the cross-cultural context as an agency and missionary.

  • Lifting support team o We will discuss how to build a team that not only provides financial support, but also covers other areas of missionary life.

  • Singles and families on missions o The mission is treated from the perspective of singles and family giving a broad notion of what each reality means.

  • Missionary life cycle: o This cycle is composed of three stages that will be addressed in the course: 1. Preparation 2. Field 3. Return

  • Trauma Debriefing: o This tool gives us notions of how to accompany a crisis process of both an individual or a group during the first hours of the crisis.  Shock and cultural stress o Tool is given how to handle these inherent stages in the work of a missionary.

  • Reentry and return o Here we discuss the importance of preparing to enter or return to a new or own culture.

  • And others ...

CIM Department

The CIM department operates all year and is aimed at the missionary workers of the Base and students who come to take our trainings.

If you would like to receive some help with our virtual office and / or information about our courses and / or seminars, do


Human Resources

This is responsible for seeing everything that has to do in relation to the registration of personnel data, medical records and ministerial projection.

member care

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